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Magic Pan Ice Cream Maker


ūüć®Your Kids Would Love This Magic Panūüć®


  • STAY HEALTHY¬†and still enjoy frozen delicious treats that fit into your eating plan using the easy and fun Ice Cream Time

  • CONTROL THE INGREDIENTS¬†and portions easily

  • MONEY-SAVER.¬†you can still enjoy your favorite frozen treat without paying for expensive specialty brands

  • AVOID FOOD ADDITIVES¬†and other unwanted ingredients from store-bought or local shops


Because there are no cables and plugs to worry about it's easy to serve great ice cream anywhere!


    Have fun making homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, margaritas and more with the Magic Pan Instant Ice Cream Maker. Sweeten any meal with ice cream or sandwich between fresh baked cookies!

    This manual ice cream maker is easy and quick to use. After using included recipes to fix ice cream mixture, pour onto frozen Magic Pan surface. Mixture will begin to freeze instantly. Scoop and turn with the included scoop and spade tools until ice cream forms.


    • Ice Cream Roll Maker creates delicious homemade ice cream in minutes, perfect for kids or a fun night

    • Create healthy, homemade frozen treats that everyone in the family will love

    • Simply freeze the pan overnight and start making delicious frozen treats immediately

    • You can make instant frozen yogurt, sorbets, gelato, frozen margaritas, and more

    Use the scrapers to create beautiful, delicious ice cream rolls and scoops. Add fruit, nuts, sprinkles or chocolate chips to elevate your homemade ice cream to the next level!

      Question: How long and how much work does it take?
      Answer: I am 65 and I found it to be easy. Once it has been in the freezer for a day or more, you take it out and pour your ice cream mixture into it until it's about 3/8 inch deep. It begins to freeze immediately, and after a minute or so you begin to stir/turn it with the supplied tools until it is the consistency you like (soft serve of hard). So it takes less than five minutes for a batch... We usually go ahead and make a second batch and eat it or freeze it for later. I rinse the pan while it's still cold, dry it and return it to the freezer, that way in the summer you can have ice cream every day if you want! I love mine! 
      By Nev on July 6, 2019

      Question:Can you make dairy free ice cream ?? Can I use coconut milk ?? 
      Answer: Yes!! Actually it's the only milk I use and they turn out perfect. 
      By Nicovic on July 4, 2019

      Question: Will this make more than one cup of ice cream at a time?
      Answer: I do about a cup and a half at a time. You can pour another batch in while enjoying the first batch or keep putting the finished ice cream in the freezer until you have what you want (within reason of course), I did three batches once and other than each batch taking a little more time, I got four and a half cups. 
      By Nev on June 6, 2019