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Revolutionizing Carpentry Utensil Multi-function

  • MULTI-FUNCTION RULER- Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler slides and locks into any desired angles to save you time on repetitive measurements. Easily adjust, create tricky shapes and stencils accurately with the 4 metal screw bolts for brick, tile, wood, glass, construction, flooring and so much more.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY – This carpentry tool helps you get the job done fast and with less hassle and headaches. Carry and use just the one Roofus tool to do multiple jobs.
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO USE – Replace your tool kit with this compact and easy to use carpentry tool. This innovative design combines the functionality of a combination square, sliding bevel, builder’s protractor, digital box level, a 14” box level, and speed square.
  • MARK UP ACCURATELY WITH SPEED AND MEASURE ANY ANGLE –Mark repeatable and accurate carpentry cuts with confidence and without adjusting the tool or changing the tool’s configuration and capture the angular pitch of any single surface.


  • Material:aluminum + stainless steel
  • Size: 35 × 8 × 1cm
  • Scale specificationMetric + Imperial

Product included:

  • 1 ×Measuring Tool
Application area
  •  Railway system: train manufacturing, control automation improvement, rail level detection, etc.
  •  Hydraulic system:dam detection, etc.
  • Military automation: missiles, tanks, artillery, aircraft, ships, etc.
  • Industrial automation:metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum exploration, light industry, coal, instrumentation, etc.
  • Automobile industry: four-wheel positioning, road surface control, engineering vehicle alignment;
  •  Machinery industry: the level and position of mechanical worktable, lathe and cutting worktable;
  • Construction: pitch angle, rolling angle and inclination angle of construction equipment, slope detection of road and bridge, installation angle of stairs, etc.
  • Electronic communication industry:angle alignment of radar antenna, elevation measurement of satellite antenna and television receiver;
  • Others:Biology, medicine, robots and other fields that need to measure and control angles.